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Soltar la cuerda

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Enrique Winter (Santiago, Chile, 1982) is author of Atar las naves (winner of the Víctor Jara Arts Festival), Rascacielos (awarded the National Book Council fellowship) and Guía de despacho (winner of the National Young Poet Competition) and co-author of Agua en polvo (awarded the Fund for the Promotion of Chilean Music fellowship), collected in Primer movimiento. He is also translator of Blanco inmóvil, by Charles Bernstein, and co-translator of Decepciones, by Philip Larkin. These books are published in ten countries, while his poems and videos are included in over a hundred journals in six languages. Winter is a lawyer, served as editor of Ediciones del Temple and holds an MFA in creative writing at NYU.

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Soltar la cuerda
Enrique Winter

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